WEMUSTM MASK Exclusive model Shin Haesun


WEMUSTM is devoted to securing both domestic and overseas markets.
WEMUSTM copper antibacterial mask

WEMUSTM uses domestic copper thread
which has antibacterial and antivirus function.
It can be used 30 times as well as emitting far-infrared rays.

1EA 20,800 WON

‘NEJOMA Dental Mask’
by Gyeonggi General Medicine CO. LTD

With triple structure of powerful melt blown filter, it has not only excellent protection against external harmful substances but also guarantees comfortable breathing.

50EA 14,800 WON

K Mask (KF-94) by Stechm CO. LTD

As a quasi-drug product approved by the Food and Drug Administration,

FDA approval has been obtained.

From fabric production to packaging,
we proceed in the Republic of Korea.

25EA 14,750 WON