WEMUSTM MASK Exclusive model Shin Haesun


2% of the proceeds will be used for social donations.


WEMUSTM Co. Ltd. is committed to creating a company where everyone can work together with a system for nurturing human resources necessary for this era, cherishing the basic human sensibility of human management in an era where everyone aims to be first-class.

I think the company that can advance into the world's largest needs a family member who wants to devote the most and dreams of self-reflection.

WEMUSTM is striving to become a company that listens to customers' needs in order to become a strong company that harmonizes production and distribution.

We thank our customers who always care about our company and promise to make innovative efforts to create a happy company and family through medicines and products based on human health.

Thank you!

CEO Young-tae Jung        CHAIRMAN G.P HONG

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